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In a world full of real estate pros struggling to get ahead, there are a few who emerge and become industry leaders. Discover what top producers, team leaders, and shop owners have learned as they have become industries in their markets.

#14: Show Your Value and You’ll Thrive in Any Market! (with Daniel Boyer)

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BreakAway Agent
#14: Show Your Value and You'll Thrive in Any Market! (with Daniel Boyer)

In this episode, Tiffany visits with Daniel Boyer of Southland Properties in the Los Angeles Area.


1. Find more time incorporating what you love into your business, and it will never feel like work. 2. A real estate office is like a family. If you wouldn’t want to come over for Christmas, you probably won’t fit within the team. 3. Good agents can push through any market, especially if they consistently show value. 4. There are lots of ways you can grow your business, and it’s not limited to door knocking or cold calling. 5. Relationships are CRUCIAL in the real estate business. How are you nurturing those? 6. Volunteering and being committed to living and breathing real estate is something every agent should be doing. 7. We are in business to SERVE. You’ve got to be available if you want to be successful. 8. If you’re just starting out in real estate, get organized! Put systems in place so you never miss out on opportunities. 9. It’s hard to recommend yourself, so surround yourself with people who can help you grow. 10. It takes work to build a relationship, but that extra effort is how you define the really successful.

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