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In a world full of real estate pros struggling to get ahead, there are a few who emerge and become industry leaders. Discover what top producers, team leaders, and shop owners have learned as they have become industries in their markets.

#3 Eliminate Chaos P2: CRM and File Organization (feat. Laura Leist)

BreakAway Agents Podcast
BreakAway Agent
#3 Eliminate Chaos P2: CRM and File Organization (feat. Laura Leist)

The best CRM is the one you use. Laura is hired by successful real estate teams to organize their data, set up, and train on CRM’s.

Today, she shares her knowledge on ways to manage your information in a way that even the busiest real estate agents can use, and when to bring in help.

Laura Leist, CPO and founder of Eliminate Chaos works with individuals and organizations to increase their productivity, profitability and peace of mind with streamlined office systems through the use of technology. She has written over fifteen books, and her clients include CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations, real estate and law offices, athletes, media personalities, solopreneurs, and divas of domesticity.

Laura is a past president of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals).

Laura and her husband Rob share their home with two dogs – Bear and Chaos – and Laura jokes that he is the only Chaos she won’t “eliminate.”

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