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Earning wealth more efficiently by taking heed of the Bible, with Myron Golden

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Business of Ministry
Earning wealth more efficiently by taking heed of the Bible, with Myron Golden

Josh Jurkovich talks to Myron Golden, a dynamic Bible teacher with immense business experience. Myron has been serving the Lord from a young age, but apart from his work in the ministry he has also managed to achieve great success as a business consultant, marketing expert, and financial literacy trainer. He has authored a variety of books on finance and business — most notably “From The Trash Man To The Cash Man” detailing his journey from poverty to wealth.

Myron discusses his thoughts on why attaining wealth is not satanic or evil. According to his interpretation of scripture, money is inherently good. God has put gold, the initial standard of wealth, into Eden during Genesis for a reason — and He has been guiding us towards personal enrichment ever since putting wealth on Earth for God’s people. Golden provides useful advice on upscaling a business; he believes that people do not earn too little, but rather that they simply earn too slowly. His methods, gleamed from the Bible, show his students how to achieve staggering revenues in short amounts of time — up to a million dollars of revenue in a single business day.

He explains that yielding to the Kingdom of God allows anyone to attain the peace and blessings which result in riches. According to Myron, this is evident from the immense wealth attained by the world’s wisest and richest ruler — King Solomon. By ensuring that his kingdom was God’s Kingdom, Solomon created a business model successfully emulated by Myron Golden: obtaining wisdom and knowledge, and sharing it with other people in exchange for money. Myron explains that King Solomon created one of the first subscription-based seminars on the planet.

Over the course of this interview, Josh and Myron discuss the skills entrepreneurs need to possess in order to upscale their earnings. Myron believes that these skills are learning, fast implementing, and most importantly — selling. He explains that “selling is uncovering the value of what you have to offer so well that people are happy to exchange the money they have in their pocket for the value you’ve revealed.”

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As a strategic marketing and growth consultant, Josh helps you identify your biggest growth opportunities and capitalize on them. His approach is to help you create systems and products within your business that will help run your business, rather than having your business run you!