Exploring the Worlds of Broadcast and Politics

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Exploring the Worlds of Broadcast and Politics

Have you ever wondered what it's like to navigate the dynamic world of radio? Today, we're speaking with Marvin Granger, a stalwart of Yellowstone Public Radio for 22 years who got his start in the industry as a young announcer at a tender age of 14. His tales of the early radio days, pre-NPR educational radio at the University of Minnesota, and the thrilling journey to creating his successful show, Your Opinion Please, make for an unforgettable oral history of radio. 

But Marvin's life isn't all airwaves and soundboards. Join us as we explore the personal side of this radio icon, touching on his two marriages, and the experience of his three daughters attending a desegregated local neighborhood grade school. If you think that's intriguing, wait until we discuss what might have been if Marvin had taken the path of being a Lutheran minister. And let's not forget his fascination with human sexuality and Thomas Jefferson, which adds an unexpected twist to his tale. 

Let's not forget there's more to history than personal journey. Our journey ends with a deep dive into the life and legacies of Abraham Lincoln. Do you know what fueled Lincoln's insatiable curiosity? Or his early interest in preachers, science, and literature? And how about his legal career, and his staunch opposition to slavery? All that and more, right here on Front Porch Perspective. Join us for this unique blend of radio history, personal introspections, and a look back at one of the most influential figures in American history.

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Russ Palmer started Front Porch Perspective out of the notion that we are a divided country- because it's a lie. People aren't as hostile towards new ideas and opinions as it might appear. In fact, we're mostly the same. Here, we're looking to recover the value and appreciation of the nuances, the 10%, of other people's perspectives. So far, it's working...