Facebook Ads Prerequisites with Doug Greathouse

Facebook Ads Prerequisites with Doug Greathouse

Josh Jurkovich talks to Doug Greathouse, founder and CEO of the digital marketing agency SalesSite. Doug discusses the web design business that he and his best friend launched years ago. Doug had a background in computer information systems and his friend had limited experience in web design, but that didn’t stop them from as Doug says, just going for it. Doug was fully committed to learning this new trade and in every moment of free time he had, he took time to grow his knowledge base. Doug explains that creating great websites didn’t happen instantly. As with any new venture, dedication and hard work are important. He found out early on that his passion was not solely designing and developing websites, but helping entrepreneurs meet their goals. The web design business became a springboard for Doug’s interest in marketing, and today digital marketing. Doug now runs a successful digital marketing agency called SalesSite where he and his team help entrepreneurs ramp up their revenue and free up their time.

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