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Finding a New Calling with Josh Jurkovich and Tiffany Youngren

Business of Ministry
Business of Ministry
Finding a New Calling with Josh Jurkovich and Tiffany Youngren

In the inaugural episode of the Business of Ministry podcast, host Josh Jurkovich talks to OMH Agency’s Tiffany Youngren about his challenging journey towards God, running his own digital marketing agency, and starting the BoM podcast. He tells how a couple of “conversion events” led to him finding a bold, new direction.

Having been brought up in a Christian household, Josh’s faith was first challenged when he was fourteen. His brother died in a car accident and Josh drifted away from God. He lost himself in drugs and alcohol and even when he achieved financial security, Josh wasn’t happy. After a career in direct sales, Josh felt a divine call in 2016 to do something for himself.

Josh started Vektor, a digital marketing agency, running this for five years. Even though this proved a successful move, Josh grew disillusioned. Entrepreneurs often set themselves material goals like financial success, increased team size, or public recognition, only to find those aims empty. Although he’d built a successful company, Josh was unfulfilled. God spoke to him for a second time in 2020, setting him on a new course. Josh realized his goals were not aligned with his core beliefs. Fully committing to his faith and his marriage, he put change into action.

He combined his digital marketing knowledge and experience with a desire to help others to grow their Christian ministries. Becoming a podcaster seemed the perfect way to spread the word, as well as find a satisfying outlet for his talent and enthusiasms. The result was the Minister to Millions initiative and the Business of Ministry podcast. Conventional wisdom can send you down endless rabbit holes of self-improvement, Josh believes.

There is always another course, qualification, or partnership to pursue in search of excellence. This sometimes becomes a way of putting off your God-given calling. He stands by mentorship instead, having found it an essential way to learn and grow. The podcast, Josh hopes, will become a kind of virtual mentorship for its followers. Josh explains how ministries do not often realize how scalable their business models are.

He stresses that it is okay to make money while spreading God’s message. Comfort can become the enemy of excellence. Josh cites Jordan Peterson when talking about the importance of personal responsibility.

Josh looks forward to bringing a host of exciting and insightful guests to his audience through the podcast and invites listens to get in touch with their ideas.

About the Host
As a strategic marketing and growth consultant, Josh helps you identify your biggest growth opportunities and capitalize on them. His approach is to help you create systems and products within your business that will help run your business, rather than having your business run you!