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In a world full of real estate pros struggling to get ahead, there are a few who emerge and become industry leaders. Discover what top producers, team leaders, and shop owners have learned as they have become industries in their markets.

George Rosario: The New Yorker with Vision and Personality

BreakAway Agents Podcast
BreakAway Agent
George Rosario: The New Yorker with Vision and Personality

New York’s George Rosario shares how empathy and an accountability partner has boosted his RE career.

George L. Rosario, aka NYC’s Hometown Realtor is a native New Yorker born in Williamsburg Brooklyn before it was trendy to say that.As someone still in a passionate love affair with the city, George Rosario shares his tips on how to be a successful agent by being empathetic and passionate about the people he works with. Listen to this episode of the BreakAway Agent Podcast for his full enlightening and fun interview, or read on for a brief synopsis of how he became a top producing agent.


* When you put yourself in your client’s shoes, you can help them get to where they want to be.

* How success leaves bread crumbs and footprints for you to follow.

* How to overcome the struggle to return phone calls.

* Sometimes deals fall through. Don’t focus on the negative, have more fun, and hang in there!

* Never pretend you know it all. The market is fluid. It is always changing.

* In any industry, if you can go into it with the willingness to learn, you will grow.

* Your job is not just to sell a house. It’s about relieving stress for clients while successfully getting them to the finish line.


Every high achieving real estate agent has certain strengths that The BreakAway Agent team has called “superpowers.” George’s main superpower that got him where he is today is empathy. One of the most important things you can do in this business if you want to be successful is to put yourself in your client’s shoes.

Hear George’s story about how he became a father very early in life and had a poor experience trying to find a place to live for him and his young family. He vowed that he would, if ever given the opportunity to work in the service industry, treat people better. If you can imagine what your client is going through, he says, you will be much more likely to get them what they want. Treat people the way you want to be treated, and ultimately you’ll get much farther in your career.

You can find George at Luxe Stone Realty Group.

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