Have Fearless Conversations Across the World, with Dijana Llugolli

Have Fearless Conversations Across the World, with Dijana Llugolli

HOT SEAT: Dijana Llugolli – also known as Coach D –  is the host of the twice-weekly Fearless and Successful Podcast, which has released 146 episodes from May of 2018 to today’s recording on May 25, 2021. https://dijanallugolli.com

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Dijana Llugolli is an international success and business coach who teaches female entrepreneurs how to rapidly launch and scale their online businesses through aligned and inspired action.

Drawing from her studies in business and nearly two decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur, she helps her clients to reach $40K per month in 90 days or less. Her goal is to inspire millions of women to BE more and HAVE more without having to DO more.

Her podcast reaches 77 countries and she talks to people with 7-8 figure incomes to moms with start-up businesses.

“I had several people who, for the first time shared their story on my podcast.” – Coach D

Tune in to the end of the recording when host Tiffany Youngren shares Dijana’s best strategy moving forward!

About the Hot Seat Series

The Hot Seat Series showcases one ambitious podcaster who interviews guests, has released MORE than 10 episodes and has a vision for his or her show.

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Tiffany Youngren helps podcasters go from "dabbling" to DOMINATING. She is the Founder of Next Up Nation and OMH Agency.