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How Value-Add Partnership Revenue can Exceed Sales Income

Next Up Nation ‪- The Secrets to a Profitable and Popular Podcast
Next Up Nation ‪- The Secrets to a Profitable and Popular Podcast
How Value-Add Partnership Revenue can Exceed Sales Income

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In today’s episode of Next Up Nation, Tiffany and Josh discuss the key to generate sales without having to beg for clients continually. Josh gives us a preview of the power of joint venture collaborations, and how a business can thrive by focusing on itself less, and instead, think about how it can grow with its community. His podcast, The Lucky Titan, is a platform that he uses to bring brilliant minds together to talk about how they can collaborate to promote each other to build his audience and client leads.

Stop Banging Doors Begging for Clients: Build Your Audience

Josh recounts his days cleaning windows and his days working in his marketing agency. With both of these jobs, he noticed a pattern. Josh Tapp was not content doing either, not because of the work per se, but because it required him to knock on doors and beg for business. When Josh learned that he had to continually go around looking for more clients because he did not have an audience, he endeavored to start The Lucky Titan podcast. With this platform in place, people now go to him and offer him business instead.

The Three Types of People: Takers, Beggars, and Collaborators

In explaining the concept of joint venture collaborations, Josh describes three types of people online. First, you have the takers, the kind of salespeople that tell you just to purchase, purchase, purchase. On the other end of the spectrum, you will find beggars, the people who are continually giving free content and begging for your business. But thirdly, you have collaborators who don’t just take or give but propose easy ways for you and your audience to benefit. Collaborators don’t focus on themselves, nor do they focus on pleasing clients. Instead, they are focused on how they can join people together, even if that means promoting someone else’s business ahead of their own so that both parties can grow together. All you need to do is get to know them and create a platform to interview and promote them, leading to a collaborative synergism that will significantly benefit both parties.

People Trust People Who Promote Others

Josh’s fascinating point about boosting other people’s products in collaboration is that people tend to trust those who also recommend other people’s products and services. Josh points out that nobody likes to listen to a person who thinks they have it all together. Nobody is perfect, and when someone claims to be, it is usually off-putting. Instead, by assuming a position of humility and acknowledging that someone else might be doing a better job at a particular thing than we are, we build trust with our audience because they know we are real with them.

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In This Episode

Here are some of the highlights from our interview with Josh Tapp: 
  • [00:01:28] How living abroad changes perspective
  • [00:03:32] How the podcast started
  • [00:04:55] Stop begging for clients. Create an audience!
  • [00:09:32] The benefits of podcasting
  • [00:11:08] Joint venture collaborations
  • [00:16:48] Generating email lists is key
  • [00:17:48] How to convert email list into sales
  • [00:19:40] The importance of cross-promotion 
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About Our Guest

Josh Tapp runs The Lucky Titan podcast, a platform dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs through joint-venture collaborations. This brilliant podcaster has helped countless people discover the power of reconnecting and working with others to grow a business. Josh had spent a two-year stint on a service mission in a very impoverished part of Mexico. The problematic experience has shaped his perspective on the opportunity afforded him in the US and sparked his desire to become an entrepreneur.

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Tiffany Youngren is the founder of the OHM Agency. She has helped many companies grow by expanding their audience. She is an entrepreneur and has started several companies with her husband of 26 years.

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