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Podcasts: Your Platform to Robust Marketing Success with Lorraine Ball

Next Up Nation ‪- The Secrets to a Profitable and Popular Podcast
Next Up Nation ‪- The Secrets to a Profitable and Popular Podcast
Podcasts: Your Platform to Robust Marketing Success with Lorraine Ball

Join the Conversation With Tiffany & Lorraine

In this episode of Next Up Nation,  Tiffany interviews Lorraine Ball, with 10+ years of experience at Indiana digital marketing agency Roundpeg, to discuss how casting off the shackles of corporate America led to over five hundred episodes and thousands of pages of online content. Lorraine is a bonafide pioneer of podcasts, starting off recording simple conversations with friends in the late nineties before building an empire full of conversations with other business experts, entrepreneurs, and authors.

From the Middle East to Marketing

After graduating college, Lorraine utilized her ability to speak Hebrew to teach English to young children in Israel before moving back to the US, starting a corporate career, then moving on to work at a digital marketing agency, Roundpeg, in Indiana. At Roundpeg, she built a range of smart strategies in digital marketing for businesses looking to use the internet to grow. She humbly admits to being an early-day pioneer in the world of podcasts. One of these strategies manifested in “More Than a Few Words”, Lorraine’s stop and chat podcast which has been running for over a decade. Episode formats range from short-form to 30-minute plus live episodes, incorporating call-ins and live Twitter feeds. Her range of skills and knowledge when it comes to digital marketing is varied, and has certainly been successfully tried and tested. “More Than a Few Words” is the perfect example of one of these strategies. Lorraine’s real-world experience sets her apart from other competitors, as well as her decades of experience as an author, professional speaker and businesswoman in a wide range of contexts and environments. Her willingness and enthusiasm to share her knowledge, whilst maintaining an appetite to continue to grow and learn has seen Lorraine make waves in the global digital marketing industry.

Experimenting for Success

Being open to all ideas and potential guests has allowed Lorraine to build not just a platform for marketing experts and professionals to share their secrets, but also to ground-level clients and customers to gain real-world insights into how marketing operates in today’s climate. “More Than a Few Words” provided some unexpected benefits for Lorraine and Roundpeg, yielding additional exposure for the company for prospective future customers. From the humble beginnings of pulling out her iPhone to record conversations with friends, to the immeasurable influence “More Than a Few Words” now holds on a global scale for business owners around the world, Lorraine Ball shares with Tiffany in her interview the benefits of running a podcast for the success of any business, as well as the impacts of COVID-19 on her ability to keep the show running. Lorraine has maintained an admirable sense of business along the way, always prepared to take risks to ensure gain, whilst never forgetting to appreciate the little things that give meaning to her efforts. She has seen fluctuating numbers in audience interaction with the podcast but has managed to allow for this, finding newer and more genuine ways to stay relevant. Never allowing herself to become bogged down with scripts and formats, Lorraine believes in a more free-flowing approach to podcasting that engages her audience through spontaneity and honesty.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • [02:36] What are the challenges of teaching in an Israeli school?
  • [05:16] Why start a podcast before podcasting was a thing?
  • [07:33] The importance of social media
  • [09:41] Podcasting and blogging for SEO
  • [12:31] Why podcasting is the best medium
  • [14:10] Benefits of transcribing a podcast
  • [16:33] How has COVID-19 affected Lorraine’s podcast?
  • [19:02] Lorraine’s best piece of advice for podcasting
  • [20:30] Which episode should new listeners check out?
  • [23:15] Lorraine’s favorite restaurant
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