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Interview with Ashley Chaney: What Podcasters Can Learn from a Hollywood Insider

Next Up Nation ‪- The Secrets to a Profitable and Popular Podcast
Next Up Nation ‪- The Secrets to a Profitable and Popular Podcast
Interview with Ashley Chaney: What Podcasters Can Learn from a Hollywood Insider
Ashley Chaney has worked in the entertainment industry for her entire adult life. She’s interviewed dozens of celebrities and other influential personalities. Getting people to open up and share their stories comes naturally to her. It’s a skill that she has mastered and made her own. However, after such a long career in media, she realized she was hungry for more. The grit and gumption of the newer generations motivated her to take her skills to a whole different level. By exploiting her production and hosting expertise, she started a new project: the Dear Food podcast. She uses this space to share stories and find a common denominator through her guest’s favorite dishes. This week on Next Up Nation, veteran Hollywood host and producer Ashley Chaney reveals how she found what she calls the new love of her life: podcasting. She tells us how her years working in the industry gave her the necessary skills to begin the Dear Food podcast. Ashley and Tiffany discuss the best ways to engage with your guests, the importance of research, and how to get people to your show. They also talk about great methods to monetize your content even before launching.

About Ashley

She is a seasoned Hollywood host and producer with almost 20 years in the show biz. Throughout her successful career, she’s covered the Golden Globes, anchored Netflix News, and done live broadcasts on TNT’s Chasing the Cure. As a producer, Ashley has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Meet Tiffany

Tiffany Youngren is the founder of OMH Agency. She helps influencers find their core audience, using automated podcast marketing to build their online presence. Tiffany has launched several successful podcasts of her own. She sees it as an excellent opportunity to build strong business-client relationships. Over the last 15 years, she’s created numerous successful businesses along with her husband.

What You’ll Walk Away With

Ashley describes her many methods to engage with her interviewees and guests. She discusses the importance of doing research beforehand. “If you have guests, and you’re bringing them on, just really kind of dig in on them already before they even get on your show,”” she explains. Ashley emphasizes the importance of showing a genuine interest in the person to keep the conversation running smoothly. The expert interviewer shares her little secret to strengthen her bond with her audience. Ashley tells us that creating groups on social media is a great place to start. She describes how her Facebook group has helped bring her and her listeners closer together. In Ashely’s words, “It’s a wonderful community for food lovers to be a part of, or if you just want inspiration or to drool or what have you.”

How to Get More Amazing Guests on Your Show

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About the Host
Tiffany Youngren helps podcasters go from "dabbling" to DOMINATING. She is the Founder of Next Up Nation and OMH Agency.