Pivoting: from the Guy Who Hates Podcasting with Dominic Cummins

Pivoting: from the Guy Who Hates Podcasting with Dominic Cummins

REAL STORIES: Listen as Tiffany Youngren interviews mentor, friend, and the one she dubs “the guy who hates podcasting,” Dominic Cummins from Apex Agency Growth. But does he hate podcasting?

If you’re struggling to find a long-term career path, don’t worry. Dominic Cummins will tell you about pivoting and how it can help make the most of your time while you explore new opportunities! If you ever feel like your life has no direction or focus, fear not – there are many ways that even those without experience can pivot to take advantage of all sorts of different opportunities! Dominic knows this more than anyone else. With over 10 years as a musician turned international business owner (and much other exciting stuff along the way).

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