Why You Should Niche Your Podcast for Massive Appeal – Jason Yormark

Why You Should Niche Your Podcast for Massive Appeal - Jason Yormark

HOT SEAT: It’s not just starting a brand. It’s creating your fate that brings happiness to you and value for the people who are following what you do every day, 365 days of the year!

Starting a business is hard. But it’s rewarding too, and you have more freedom to be your own person than in any other profession.

Establishing an audience can take time but once you do the sky’s the limit with what kind of creative opportunities await! Starting up a podcast has been such an exciting process from day one- even when everything felt chaotic you know that this is going to work out because there are so many people who need our services. It takes some hustle on top of just starting something new, which honestly brings happiness every day.

Tune in at the end when host Tiffany Youngren shares Jason’s best strategy moving forward!

About the Hot Seat Series

The Hot Seat Series showcases one ambitious podcaster who interviews guests, has released MORE than 10 episodes, and has a vision for his or her show. This episode is from Tiffany Youngren’s interview with Jason Yormark, host of the Socialistics: Social Media Agency Stories podcast. It airs on Next Up Nation, by OMH Agency.

About the Next Up Nation Podcast

There are 3 categories of interviews that are designed to help you be inspired and equipped to grow your podcast audience and increase (or start to make) profits.

MASTER CLASS: If you want to hear from top leaders in a variety of industries to give you a well-rounded view of ways to accelerate your podcast, the Master Class Series will do that for you.

HOT SEAT: Courageous podcasters talk with Podcast Mentor and Host Tiffany Youngren and openly identify an actionable step to increase preeminence or profit in 30 days.

REAL STORIES FROM REAL PODCASTERS: Sit back and enjoy conversations about podcasting with podcasters.


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About the Host
Tiffany Youngren helps podcasters go from "dabbling" to DOMINATING. She is the Founder of Next Up Nation and OMH Agency.