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Welcome to Front Porch Perspective! This is a podcast dedicated to the exploration of interesting people their stories, thoughts, and ideas. Our goal is to share, through dialog, stories and perspectives that educate you, challenge you and inspire you. Pushing growth through understanding and raising human potential.

Kristy Drake – Billings Trailnet – Active Trails, Active Life

Russ Palmer Front Porch Perspectives Podcast
Front Porch Perspective
Kristy Drake - Billings Trailnet - Active Trails, Active Life

In this episode Kristy and I talk about the exciting growth of the Billings trail system, the need for trails and her determination to make them a lasting part of the Billings Landscape.

About the Host
Russ Palmer started Front Porch Perspective out of the notion that we are a divided country- because it's a lie. People aren't as hostile towards new ideas and opinions as it might appear. In fact, we're mostly the same. Here, we're looking to recover the value and appreciation of the nuances, the 10%, of other people's perspectives. So far, it's working...