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Mindset coach Chris Caldwell shares his secrets to achieve your full potential

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Business of Ministry
Mindset coach Chris Caldwell shares his secrets to achieve your full potential

Josh Jurkovich talks to Chris Caldwell, a success and mindset coach and founder of the coaching company Live Your Ten, where he shares his knowledge of personal transformation with individuals, business owners and sales teams.

Caldwell started out working long hours as a high school teacher, coach and retreat leader. While he found satisfaction in helping and guiding his students, he was burned out and felt there were other ways to challenge himself and help others around him. In this episode, he shares invaluable insights about his process to transition from his previous career to a mindset coach and business owner, leveraging his calling to help others to transform their work into a fulfilling, balanced career.

Jurkovich and Caldwell explore how to identify the fears and limiting beliefs that hold people back and keep them in unfulfilling lives and careers—from the fear of being unworthy to disappointing others. Furthermore, they go into the ways our childhood competitiveness set us up for unhappiness by giving us a rigid black-and-white view of our own achievements, and explore the way the ego can lead people to self-sabotage.

The fears and limiting beliefs are not obvious at first and until they create an unsustainable situation. So, Caldwell argues introspection is key to bring those subconscious obstacles to the surface as the first step to address them. Like all transition periods, this is a difficult stage where the person needs to ask difficult questions and accept the fact that something is missing and that we may be trapped in a life we chose years or even decades ago.

In the end, Jurkovich and Caldwell conclude that we don’t have to tie ourselves to the plans and goals we had at previous stages in our lives. From this examination of our goals, values and ideals come an awareness that lets us break free from old patterns and start our journey to live a more authentic life that resonates with the person we want to become.

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As a strategic marketing and growth consultant, Josh helps you identify your biggest growth opportunities and capitalize on them. His approach is to help you create systems and products within your business that will help run your business, rather than having your business run you!