Next Up Nation – The Secrets to a Profitable and Popular Podcast

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Listen each week to discover what works for successful podcasters, whats coming, ways to monetize podcasting, and how to build popularity.

Podcasting of the Past and Its Promising Future

Next Up Nation ‪- The Secrets to a Profitable and Popular Podcast
Next Up Nation ‪- The Secrets to a Profitable and Popular Podcast
Podcasting of the Past and Its Promising Future

Growing a podcast from the ground-up can be challenging. Balancing family life demands with the time-requirements of recording and doing the behind-the-scenes work of podcasting can be quite stressful!

In this new season of Next Up Nation, we take a journey into the realm of podcasting. Join your host Tiffany Youngren as each week she interviews podcasting pioneers, leaders, and celebrities in the art of podcasting. In this week’s show

The roles are reversed in this premiere episode as Tiffany has a captivating interview with her friend and mentor, Doug Foley, founder of Foley Media. Get to know Tiffany as Doug asks pertinent questions about how she started podcasting and strategically grew her audience.

Tiffany and Doug also share their podcasting experiences and wealth of knowledge on avoiding the mistakes (and the stress) that podcasters often face.

About Doug

Doug is an accomplished author, mentor, and entrepreneur, who is driven to help people accomplish their dreams by creating lifestyle businesses. As the name suggests, a lifestyle business merges your daily life with your career passion, effortlessly blending the two and creating a unified whole.

About Tiffany

Tiffany is the founder of OMH Agency, an innovative digital marketing firm that focuses on push-button automated podcast marketing. She has launched several successful podcasts over the years and has been interviewing leaders in the industry since 2017.

Why this episode is incredible

Both Doug and Tiffany have passion and experience when it comes to podcasting. In this episode, you will hear tips, secrets, and amusing stories drawn from their impressive careers. Learn proven strategies, such as selecting guests for your show, monetizing your podcast, and improving techniques. Find out how to streamline and optimize your podcasting workflow, and avoid the common pitfalls that new casters often make. You will gain insider knowledge on how to grow your audience and use your position as a podcaster to secure unique talent. If you’re interested in starting a podcast, in the process of growing, or an accomplished caster, you’ll want to hear this! About Next Up Nation.

Next Up Nation is a fascinating podcast that features business leaders and marketing gurus all across the nation. Each week you will hear from entrepreneurs who overcame personal challenges and grew their passion into a thriving career. You will listen to insider advice on how to grow as a business owner and manage the delicate balance between work and home while staying stress-free!

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About the Host
Tiffany Youngren helps podcasters go from "dabbling" to DOMINATING. She is the Founder of Next Up Nation and OMH Agency.