Pricing vs. Value and Other Sales Myths, with Robert Gillette

Pricing vs. Value and Other Sales Myths, with Robert Gillette

HOT SEAT: Robert Gillette is the host of the podcast Reclaiming Sales, which at the time of this recording (May 28, 2021), has released 19 Episodes since January 2021. 

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Robert is happily married with two children, and a San Francisco Bay Area native. He has experience as an IT employee, a middle manager, and a business owner in more industries than he’d like to admit.

Robert is currently an executive at Endsight, an Outsourced IT provider in Northern California, where he’s sold more than 1.2 million dollars in recurring revenue including the largest client in the company’s 15 year history.

He is rekindling the reputation of sales reps through his podcast while walking the walk in his daily job as an IT Executive. But is he doing everything to get his message out? Tune in to the end of the recording when host Tiffany Youngren shares Robert’s best strategy moving forward!

About the Hot Seat Series

The Hot Seat Series showcases one ambitious podcaster who interviews guests, has released MORE than 10 episodes and has a vision for his or her show.  This episode is from Tiffany Youngren’s interview with Robert Gillette, host of the Reclaiming Sales podcast. It airs on Next Up Nation, by OMH Agency.

About the Host
Tiffany Youngren helps podcasters go from "dabbling" to DOMINATING. She is the Founder of Next Up Nation and OMH Agency.