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In a world full of real estate pros struggling to get ahead, there are a few who emerge and become industry leaders. Discover what top producers, team leaders, and shop owners have learned as they have become industries in their markets.

Stephanie Vitacco: The California Top Producer Whose Dedication Knows No Bounds

BreakAway Agent
BreakAway Agent
Stephanie Vitacco: The California Top Producer Whose Dedication Knows No Bounds

This week on The BreakAway Agent Podcast, we welcome Stephanie Vitacco, Broker Associate of Keller Williams in Encino, California. As a highly consistent agent, regardless of an up or down market, Stephanie has been in the top 10 agents in the nation for Keller Williams, and for many years at Coldwell Banker. She has sold over 6000 houses in her career so far, and her track record continues to be unwavering.

She grew up in the San Fernando Valley, which is located in Northern Los Angeles and has been selling homes in the area for over 25 years. Though she has a background in fashion, she was inspired by a friend in her early 20s who was killing it in the real estate industry. Inspired by his lifestyle and success, she decided to jump all in – and has been passionate about it ever since.

Listen now as Stephanie talks about her dedication and her tenacity has helped her thrive in an ever-changing market.


* Continue Thriving By Flowing With The Market

* Retail Market Vs. Corporate Market

* Don’t Get Comfortable, The Industry Will Change

* Watch Your Numbers – You’ll Know When The Market Will Shift

* Be Really Dedicated And Things Will Start To Happen

* Learn How To Spot Landmines A Mile Away

* Asking For Help Is A Strength

* The Biggest Struggle Is Knowing How To Adapt

* How To Keep Up In A Right Now Business

* Scale, Give Excellent Customer Service, Be Present

At the end of the day, Stephanie’s commitment is what has made her successful. Her drive to success and her love for learning new things has made her the top producer that she is today. Her advice is knowing when to adapt to the market, and not being afraid to ask for help from people who are already winning. Stephanie Vitacco is definitely an action taker and won’t settle for anything less.

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