Unraveling the Art of Brewing: A Tale by Michael Ehrlich

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Unraveling the Art of Brewing: A Tale by Michael Ehrlich

Who knew a humble beverage like beer could unfold such an intricate tale? Join me as we navigate the captivating journey of Michael Ehrich, a passionate brewmaster and owner of Carter's Brewing in Billings, Montana. From his early fascination with craft beer to transforming his pastime into a profession, Michael's story is as rich and layered as the beers he crafts. With a staggering array of 25 unique brews on tap, Carter's Brewing is a testament to Michael's relentless creativity and love for brewing.

Our conversation takes a flavorful turn as we unravel the complexities of Saison, a Belgian beer with a character as unique as its origin. Michael's initial unease with the beer's complexity eventually turns into a deep appreciation, leading to it becoming the first seasonal beer at Carter's Brewing. As we journey from Saison to the world of funky IPAs, we delve into Michael's adventurous collaboration with local brewer Shay Dawson to create a distinctive IPA fermented with wild yeast.

Finally, we tap into the age-old history of India Pale Ale (IPA), tracing its evolution and the pivotal role of agricultural states like Montana in the craft beer industry. With Michael’s insightful narratives, we explore the creative process of brewing, the art of naming brews, and lastly, the societal impact of beer. This episode is not just for beer enthusiasts but anyone who appreciates the artistry of crafting a beverage that brings people together over shared stories and experiences.

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