Warrior Transition Outdoors: The Erickson Brothers’ Journey of Faith, Service, and Veteran Support

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Warrior Transition Outdoors: The Erickson Brothers' Journey of Faith, Service, and Veteran Support

We were fortunate enough to sit down this week with an extraordinary duo, Gavin and Gabe Erickson. These brothers, hailing from the heartland of southeastern Minnesota before their own transition to Montana, are the founders of Warrior Transition Outdoors, an organization devoutly dedicated to serving those who have honorably served us all. In our conversation, they warmly shared their early experiences, how their love for the outdoors was sown, and how their faith in God guided their feet along an unexpected path.

The Erickson brothers took us through their personal journeys – Gavin’s decision to join the armed forces and his experiences on the ground in Iraq, and Gabe’s entrance into the University of Minnesota to study engineering, only to pivot to journalism. Gavin shared the tensions and trials he witnessed during his deployment in Iraq, and how it shaped his understanding of religion and conflict. Both Gabe and Gavin passionately narrated their spiritual awakenings, how they heard God’s voice, and the divine guiding force that led them to establish Warrior Transition Outdoors.

Navigating the nonprofit sector, particularly when it comes to organizing events for veterans, is not devoid of challenges. Yet, our conversation illuminated how the Erickson brothers' faith has shepherded them through these difficult moments. They've created Warrior Transition Outdoors to fill the gaps for veterans transitioning to civilian life – this is evident in the unique services they provide and the heartfelt stories they share. As you tune in, you’ll hear how they're reshaping the narrative around veterans, advocating for them, and showing us all the genuine humanity of our brave servicemen and women. Join us for an unforgettable, touching conversation with Gavin and Gabe Erickson.

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